10 stylish reasons to have a winter wedding

While every season has some stand-out reasons to host your wedding, there’s just something truly special about a winter wedding! The season of love sees couples draw close, drinking cups of something deliciously hot, evoking a true sense of romance. Here’s just a few reasons why I love winter weddings!

1) It’s different

A winter wedding theme can be effortlessly incorporated into your wedding with the smallest of touches. A glamorous gown complemented by gorgeous winter accessories in the form of a faux fur wrap or beautiful bolero will banish the cold and ensure you look effortlessly stylish.

2) More choice

As winter is considered an off-peak season you may find you have greater choice when it comes to choosing suppliers. Plus, the availability of venues is likely to be greater, not to mention cheaper in some instances. If you are planning a short engagement, the winter months are a good time to tie the knot in a hurry.

3) Romantic ambience

There’s no denying that winter has its own magical romance. Sequins, sparkle and lashings of silver combine with wintry snow and delicate lighting to create a truly decadent atmosphere.

4) Stand out from the crowd

Spring and summer weddings offer an abundance of beautiful themes but with winter weddings proving more of a rarity, it instantly makes them that little bit different. They also offer the opportunity to get creative with never before seen themes and decor ideas. Play around with favours and finishing touches and put your own special stamp on your day.

5) No weather worries

This might sound strange but with a winter wedding, you are sure of what the weather will hold! If you settle on the fact that the weather probably won’t be amazing, you won’t fixate on it and if the sun shines it’s a bonus. Accepting that it will be cold means you can dress and plan accordingly. Plus, a white wedding will perfectly enhance your theme and make for some truly amazing wedding photos.

6) Honeymoon heaven

If you can honeymoon in winter, go for it! Off-peak means better deals and there’s also the satisfaction of lying on a hot beach mid-winter while it’s freezing at home.

7) Perfect lighting

While experienced photographers should be able to work in any lighting, believe it or not, a sunny summer’s day is not a photographer’s dream and in fact, a bright winter’s day is preferred as it’s easier to shoot in. Plus, the lightest of snowfall can look spectacular in photos.

8) Better attendance

With spring and summer offering an abundance of events, weddings and holidays, you may find that guests have made other arrangements. With the winter months typically being quieter, this might actually suit guests better and your wedding will definitely be the highlight of their season.

9) Bridesmaid style

When choosing dresses for your bridesmaids, winter means you can dare to be a bit different. Nothing screams winter elegance more than a full length embellished gown, finished off with winter accessories.

10) Be like the celebrities

Okay, so technically it shouldn’t be a factor in your decision making process but many famous celebrity pairings have chosen a winter wedding, and if it’s good enough for the rich and famous, it’s good enough for us!


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