Winter Wedding Woes: What To Consider

Let’s face it… we live in Ireland! It’s cold, it’s windy and it’s wet for approximately 360 days of the year. For this reason many brides and grooms opt for a spring and summer wedding in the hope of an outburst of sunshine. The harsh reality is that whatever time of the year you get married, the weather may not be on your side and that’s definitely the case in winter. But, armed with the right advice there’s no reason why a winter wedding can’t be wonderful. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from photographing winter weddings to bring you all the tips you need.

Dealing with limited lighting

The winter months mean we’re limited in daylight, with the sun beginning to set as early as 3.30pm. As this is the case, consider the time of your ceremony. If you are thinking of having this at 1pm, I highly recommend pushing it to 12pm. An hour might not seem like a lot but this extra time plays a significant role in capturing photographs in the right light. When choosing a photographer to shoot your winter wedding, it is essential that he or she is extremely experienced in utilising interior lighting, given that the majority of your photos will be taken indoors.

Deciding what to wear

Quite simply, a winter wedding calls for a different style of wedding dress. If you are dreaming of a flowing, chiffon gown, think again. Many brides have it in their head that they’ll only be outside for half an hour for photographs. While this may be true, a few minutes standing outside in unsuitable clothing is all it takes to become your own something blue. To combat this, it’s time to take drastic measures! Ditch the lace clad skimpy underwear for granny pants, wooly tights and furry boots! Wellies work particularly well in keeping your feet both dry and warm and nowadays you can even buy ‘wedding wellies!’ Finally, big golf brollies are a must to keep your hair dry and frizz free! Unglamorous, maybe, but just remember, when you get back to the reception venue you can change back into your heels and lingerie. These small measures can make the world of difference and really help in capturing those stunning photographs.

Avoid blue bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will be the ones who will feel the cold the most. While adrenaline and your newly-wed glow may help you battle through the cold with a smile on your face, your leading ladies are unlikely to feel the same. While faux fur shrugs serve the purpose of looking good in photos and enhance your winter wedding theme, these are not enough to stave off the cold. Fleecy blankets, warm coats and even hot water bottles are called for here. These can be swapped for cute fur shrugs for the photos and no one will ever even know. Finally, pack a picnic of sandwiches and flasks and tea and coffee and you’ll definitely keep their complaints to a minimum.

Weather wows

While you might be dreaming of a white wedding, the chances of this are slim, and you’re more likely to be faced with cold, wet and windy conditions. As this is the case, ensure you discuss a plan B with your photographer. Thankfully, Ireland boasts some truly stunning wedding venues with interiors as equally stunning as their grounds. This means that your wedding album can still be filled with some beautiful shots to capture the essence of your day.

While you may not get the weather you’ve always dreamed of for your winter wedding, armed with this advice you can definitely still have a day to remember!


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