Time saving tips for busy brides to help with your wedding planning

If you’re a bride with not a lot of time on your hands, you may be wondering how on earth you’ll fit in planning a wedding around your already packed schedule. But fear not! We’ve rounded up our time saving top tips for busy brides to ensure you get everything done before you walk down that aisle.

According to the Association for Wedding Professionals International, the majority of brides spend on average 37 hours per month planning their weddings. Plus, many admit that at least some of their wedding planning takes place while they’re at work. So if this is something that you want to avoid (along with an angry boss), there are easy and practical ways to plan a wedding around your usual working hours.

Talk to your boss

While wedding planning can definitely take place outside of working hours, if you do foresee that you’ll need time out of the office to attend appointments, be upfront with your boss. Plus, many brides take at least a few days off before the wedding, plus there’s the honeymoon to factor in, so booking your annual leave in advance is a must. Let your boss know the date you plan to wed so that you can ensure it doesn’t clash with any potential work commitments.

Get organised

The majority of wedding planning takes place after the engagement, and right before the wedding so be prepared to be busy during these times. They key here is to stay super organised. Get your hands on all the wedding planning stationery that you need in order to keep track of vendors, receipts, deposits paid and ideas for your day. Start checklists and due dates so that you can easily see what needs to be done and when. During these busy times, you’ll probably devote all of your spare time to planning. Evenings and weekends will become the time when you email vendors, book appointments and look for inspiration on Pinterest, but once the important things are complete, you’ll notice you have loads more free time again.

Research is key

The best way to save yourself loads of time in the long run is to research everything. If you’re clear about exactly what it is that you want from the offset, there’s more chance of everything going to plan. Before you begin booking vendors, sit down with your other half and discuss your visions for your day. If you see yourself getting married in a historic house or castle, don’t waste time viewing hotels. Likewise, if you have your heart set on a particular dress designer, only book appointments at boutiques that stock them. Getting clear on what you want for your wedding day will help you avoid making rash decisions that you later regret.

Create extra time

By this, we mean making better use of your time. Get to the office a half hour earlier in the morning (yes, you can do it!). Use this time for researching or emailing suppliers. Plus, make good use of your daily work commute, coffee breaks and lunchtime and you’ll soon realise how much you can get done with a half hour stolen here and there.

Turn to technology

Technology really is a time saver, so use it to your advantage. There are tonnes of wedding planning apps and software programmes which allow you to keep track of expenditure, guest lists and deadlines. Many couples are even setting up websites, which give guests all the details of the day, and allows them to RSVP. This process saves couples time as they don’t need to answer individual questions about accommodation etc.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

If you find that you just don’t have the hours you need to commit yourself fully, this is where your family and friends come in handy. If someone offers their help, take it. Tasks such as creating place cards and wedding favours can be done over a bottle of wine and a girlie catch up.

Have fun

No doubt you’re only planning on doing this once so the key is to have fun. While it can be stressful planning a wedding around a busy career, it’s also an amazing experience and one that you’ll remember forever. Don’t forget to schedule in some ‘wedding-free’ time with your other half so that you can fully enjoy your engagement together.

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