Finishing touches: Interview with Vintage Style Hire Emporium

Founded in 2012 to phenomenal success, Vintage Style Hire Emporium offers brides and grooms the chance to add unique finishing touches to their wedding day. I have photographed many weddings which Cindy McKendry- the force behind the Emporium- has been involved in. So we got together and got down to the finer details on what couples can expect from Cindy’s alternative service. Check out what Cindy had to say, as well as a selection of photos from weddings we have worked on.

Cindy, tell us about your background in the wedding industry and the services you offer couples.

The wedding industry in Northern Ireland is very close knit and as a result of working on weddings, I have met many friends. I love the diversity of each wedding and seeing the delight shared by couples who witness the elements of their day coming together, with their vision in mind.

What kind of service can brides and grooms expect from you?

Couples can meet me and we plan a mood board together, or I am happy to make style suggestions if they wish. Pinterest is a huge hit with brides lately and they usually have a scrapbook of ideas prepared in advance, which really helps with the overall theme for their day. I am naturally full of ideas and once I get a vision in my head I can give lots of input to deliver the end result.

What themes are proving popular with brides and grooms this year?

2016 is much more eclectic than the last few years. Couples have a firm idea of what they want and a lot like to incorporate their personalities into their weddings. Copper and rose palettes are huge this year, woodland themes are a lead on from the vintage trend, while boho and mismatched bridesmaids in a candy shop array of pastel hues in mint, blush pink or powder blue tones are proving popular. Dessert tables are an alternative option from the traditional cake, offering guests a wealth of choice. However, the trend that still remains is vintage! The 1950s bike I hire is still centre stage at weddings nearly every week. Finally, garden games are also a huge hit and a fab alternative form of entertainment.

Who or what inspires you?

Fashion, art and music all combine to inspire me. I think my favourite place in the world is the V+A in London, where I could happily wander for hours. I love visual, art, flowers and beautiful settings. Social media is an incredibly useful tool for just flicking and spending a few hours being effortlessly inspired. Instagram and Pinterest are great sources for visual inspiration.

What’s the most unique request you’ve ever honoured?

I once had a Dukes of Hazard wedding as the groom was a huge fan! We did it by incorporating a beautiful vintage theme and it looked fun, while still having that classic touch. I have also styled a few weddings for brides living away and coming home to get married. I was their link to home and I had everything in place for them. It was lovely to be trusted with the most important day in a girl’s life.

When do you recommend couples begin the search for their finishing touches?

My products are the little extras, so really about 6 months to a year before the wedding. The bride will look for the venue, photography and flowers first. If their budget allows, I will then add the finishing touches and help the couple with the little extras. Over the years I have met hundreds of couples and it has been a great honour to work on their weddings.

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